Stranger 2 wanted me to tell you they love you.

Stranger: How do we know who is Stranger 2?
You: Why doesn't he tell me myself?
Stranger: Well maybe it's you who wanted to tell me.
You: Or maybe it was you
You: Maybe it was both of us?
Stranger: Maybe.
Stranger: Maybe we just wanted to tell ourselves that we love ourselves.
You: But i'm not narcistic, sorry.
Stranger: No, me neither actually.
Stranger: But if we both are Stranger 2 that would mean we both wanted to tell each other we loved each other.
Stranger: Which technically comes to the same result as telling yourself that you love yourself.
You: That would be in conflict with Omegle.
You: Cause there can only be one Stranger 2.
Stranger: But we will never know who is Stranger 2.
Stranger: In the same time Omegle could always have a problem.
You: That sucks
Stranger: Yeah it does.
Stranger: We could also maybe be from two parallel time-lines.
Stranger: And one of us would be messing with the Fourth Wall.
You: From another universe?
Stranger: Yes, exactly.
Stranger: And we would be breaking the wall between the dimensions.
Stranger: Yes, that could be possible.
Stranger: But we will never know.
You: But in fact that means that we love ourselves.
Stranger: Yes.
You: So we would be narcistic.
You: Which we aren't.
Stranger: Well no.
Stranger: Not specifically.
Stranger: Because this supposes I am you from a parallel universe and timeline.
Stranger: So technically, we might also have some slight differences depending on the choices we have made, and the conditions around us.
You: Ok, in fact you are another person
Stranger: Well, I am you, but I am also myself.
Stranger: And also, no one said we were at the same point in life.
Stranger: I could be you from a different universe, but also future you.
You: At my time, time travelling ins't invented yet.
Stranger: Well, I never said I entered your universe.
You: Or maybe you're both.
You: Yeah.
You: That makes sense.
Stranger: I simply broke the wall through the cyberspace.
Stranger: But since I may be future you.
Stranger: I may also be here telling you that I love you, so technically that you love yourself, because you might sometimes be unhappy with who you are.
You: That means you knew that Spy would ask this question?
Stranger: And I may be future you, telling you to love yourself and be who you are whatever happens, as a subtle way to tell you everything will be fine and that rough times are just times that are rough but that everything ends up fine for me, which means you.
Stranger: Yes, that could mean I knew Spy would ask this question.
Stranger: If I am future you, it could also mean that at some point in my life, I was at your place.
Stranger: And another me, was telling me the exact words I am telling you, and I am simply completing the loop, so it stays stable and doesn't drift into a doomed timeline.
You: I saw in a certain movie, that telling someone about the future could change the future.
Stranger: Yes it could, but I didn't really tell you anything about the future.
Stranger: I told you about my past.
Stranger: Which so happens to be your future.
You: Which is likely my present
Stranger: Yes, likely.
You: It totally makes sense
Stranger: So technically, it means that one day you may be at my place, telling me these words I'm telling you.
Stranger: Well, based on a theoretical plan, and using the facts and laws of space and time we have used, it could be possible.
Stranger: But then you may just never know.
You: Never know what?
Stranger: You may never know if what I say is correct, since I never tried to affirm to you that I in fact were a future you.
Stranger: And even if I did happen to be a future you, considering the infinite number of timelines they are, you would never know which you it is.
Stranger: It may be me, or it may be you, or someone apart from both of us.
You: Strange, but it's true
You: I should write a story about it
Stranger: That may be a good idea.
You: If I had more time...
Stranger: Oh, I wish I had more time too. You never have enough time to do everything isn't it?
You: Indeed
You: It would be nice to write a book.
You: Like "Enter title here" by Me.
Stranger: Well, coming back to the base of our puzzle, if I do happen to be you from a different universe and timeline, and if I happen to be more advanced in my timeline than you are, by saying that we want to tell ourselves we love ourselves, it would translate to the fact that I am telling you to love yourself for who you are whatever happens, and that technically by doing so, everything will turn out fine for you. And yes, it would make a very nice book, and yes, I believe remembering a nice book by that name, and excuse me but I find myself in the need to go. Farewell.

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