Cylenian Date Calculator

The Cylenian calendar is a lunisolar calender used by the people in Cylene. It uses four cycles divided as follows: a month contains 30 days, a year contains 12 months and an era contains 12 years. To stay in time with the astronomical year a leap month is inserted in the sixth and twelfth year of the era, with respectively 31 days and 32 days.

The Cylenian months are:
1. Elky'ondleþ — winter solstice
2. Nae Boryeþ — new beginning
3. Seniðin — month of Senith
4. Liðin Boryeþ — beginning of light, spring equinox
5. Emmiðiða — plants
6. Omilnin — month of Amyleigh
7. Karðondleþ — summer solstice
8. Seðaneðr — beginning of harvesting
9. Liliðin — month of Lilith
10. Liðin Maroo — end of light, fall equinox
11. Fðileþ — planting, scattering
12. Elseniðor — cold time
13. Naeþ Moliþ — new moon

With this calculator you can convert Georgian dates and days since Moliðin Boryeþ to Cylenian dates. Moliðin Boryeþ or Moonrise is the starting point of the Cylenian calender, 1st of Winter Solstice 1E 1, or 8th of December 1945 BCE in the Julian calendar.

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